Jet air lite

“ After we performed the preliminary design review in December, we now have successfully completed the first pre-modification tests,” explained Jens Strahmann, Pacavi’s vice president for product certification, quality assurance, tests and evaluation and former head of test at Airbus Engineering in Bremen, Germany. “As we move on with these tests, a critical design review will take place in just a few weeks from now.”

Design specifications call for the Pacavi A320 Freighter Lite to carry up to 21 metric tons of cargo some 2,300 nm at its structural limit. Depending on load weight, the airplane’s range will extend almost as far as 3,200 nautical miles.

The conversion program includes a new 140-inch main deck cargo door, a Class E cargo interior, a 9G barrier and a manual cargo loading system. A typical configuration would accommodate up to ten 88-inch by 125-inch by 82-inch unit load devices ( ULD s) or pallets, and one smaller container or 88-inch by 61.5-inch pallet, resulting in a main deck container volume of about 3,860 cubic feet.