Brazillion business jet

In today’s world of international business, every second counts. One minute you may be needed in Tokyo; the next thing there could be a meeting in New York that simply cannot be missed. And when time is money, a savvy investment in the form of a business jet can certainly afford some extra time. The “light jet” class was pioneered by the Learjet 23, which was introduced in 1964. Now, the most recent development is the “very light” class, or “personal jet,” which costs less to run and requires less runway space. In the U.S. alone, very light jets have access to a network of over 5,000 smaller local airports. Read on for ten of the coolest small business jets out there.

First flown in 2008, the Phenom 300 is a “light business jet” produced by Brazilian company Embraer. The jet was introduced in 2009, and so far 117 craft have been built. Capable of carrying a maximum of nine people, the 52 foot 2 inch jet has a top speed of 518 mph, a range of 2,268 miles and can reach an altitude of 45,000 feet. Designed in conjunction with BMW Designworks USA, the roomy Phenom 300 also boasts the biggest luggage storage space and the biggest windows – including a restroom window – in its class.

The Beechjet Hawker 400XPR is a small dual-engine business jet that promises to “transform your expectations.” First flown on August 29, 1978, the Hawker 400 (then known as the MU-300 Diamond) was originally produced by Mitsubishi – before the rights to build the jet were purchased by Beechjet and the aircraft was renamed the Beechjet 400. Then in 1993 Raytheon bought the jet and rebranded it the Hawker 400. The 400XPR is an upgrade of the 400XP model, boasting increased range and more state-of-the-art technology. The jet has a maximum speed of 518 mph and an altitude ceiling of 45,000 feet. While carrying up to four passengers, it has a range of 1,905 miles.