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Начну с того, что наша кухня 14 кв.м, высота потолка 2,5 м., кухня разделена на рабочую и обеденную зоны. Для своей кухни я выбрала вытяжку Jet air SLG 2M (60) WH. Вытяжку выбирала через интернет, опираясь на характеристики, отзывов 10 месяцев назад я про нее не нашла.

High pressure water jetting can be extremely dangerous. It is therefore essential that all staff expected to use this type of equipment receive appropriate and adequate training in accordance with the High Pressure Water Jetting Association’s (HPWJA) Code of Practice.

Health and Safety within the water jetting industry is of paramount importance. Trained staff will have a greater awareness and appreciation of safe working practices with high pressure water jetting. Councils, insurance companies, water utilities and major contractors all demand that staff have the correct training and hold valid Certificates.

A number of training courses are available, starting with the Safety Awareness Certificate. The Safety Awareness course is essential as it "Validates" the other courses. The certificate lasts for three (3) years. After three years, another Safety Awareness course must be taken and passed in order to re-validate other course certificates. If your Safety Awareness certificate goes out of date, for any reason, your other certificates immediately become invalid. A valid Safety Awareness certificate is required to keep all certificates validated.

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