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A business jet , private jet , or bizjet , or simply B.J. , [1] is a jet aircraft designed for transporting small groups of people. [2] Business jets may be adapted for other roles, such as the evacuation of casualties or express parcel deliveries, and some are used by public bodies, government officials or the armed forces .

The Lockheed JetStar , seating ten passengers and two crew, first flew on 4 September 1957. 204 aircraft were produced from 1957 to 1978, powered by four 3,300 pounds-force (15 kN) Pratt & Whitney JT12 turbojets , then Garrett TFE731 turbofans for a 44,500 pounds (20.2 t) MTOW , then two General Electric CF700 turbofans.

The smaller, 17,760 pounds (8.06 t) MTOW North American Sabreliner first flew on 16 September 1958. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney JT12 turbojet engines then Garrett TFE731 , more than 800 were produced from 1959 to 1982.

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United Airlines does not plan to deploy its first Boeing 737 Max aircraft on transatlantic routes, but acknowledges that using the newest Boeing narrowbody in place of its 757s stands as a possibility down the road.

“I don't think we have any rush to move into flying 737s across the Atlantic,” United COO Andrew Nocella told analysts on a recent earnings call. “It's something we're going to look at for the medium- to long term, but it's not something that we plan to do in the short term at all.”

United has confirmed that it would take its first twelve 737 Max jets in 2019. It converted the order for the aircraft, all Max 9s, from a batch of sixty-five 737NG deferrals announced last year. It converted four others to 737-800s, delivering this year. United also holds a separate order for 100 Max 10s, scheduled for first delivery in 2020. 

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Although many private jet flights are used for shorter hops, private transatlantic flights offer the ultimate in privacy, flexibility and comfort for a longer trip.

There are many reasons that clients would choose a private flight across the Atlantic. Sometimes it can be in an emergency, when someone needs to fly quickly. Or we will often arrange a private charter for a group flying together - for an event, a multi-leg itinerary, or a corporate or family flight.

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Here are some of the FAQs that we are often asked about crossing the Atlantic by private jet – from the fastest aircraft, avoiding jetlag, and some insider tips from the pilots in our team.

No two flights are the same, and private jet travel allows A to B travel for any route. But some of the more popular transatlantic routes we arrange are from Miami to London; Paris to New York; Los Angeles to Geneva & Nice to Toronto.